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This morning the rain finally stopped here so I decided to take a walk and take some photos of the early morning sun on the flowers. DH went along with me this morning and it is a good thing he did. I slipped on some muc and landed on my elbow and my new D40 landed on the lens. Good news was that my elbow was not broken just some gravel under the skin and a big bruise. I will be sore tomorrow I am sure. The camera was not so lucky. All I can say is I am glad I took the protection plan when I bought the camera. The filter was all dented and would not come off the lens and the lens was just froze and would not move. Not sure of any body damage other than mud caked on to the camera. I was just sick but will get it replaced. I spent the morning in the emergency room and came home just banged up but will recover quickly. Three weeks without the trusty camera so I will have to dig out the old one.

Tina B
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I am so sorry, Tina. Glad you came out of the accident fairly well!!! Hope you are not to sore tomorrow.
Oh Tina, I am so sorry. Elbow injuries tend to hang around, so be careful and let it heal completely. :pray: Hope you get your camera back real soon!
Tina, glad that you didn't get hurt worse. I know it will be rough without the new camera for a while but at least you still have to old. Like Shari said, take it easy and heal completely. Elbow injuries can linger and give your trouble when you least expect it. Take care.

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Oh, bummer! So sorry to hear of your injury and your camera's demise. How fortunate that you got the protection plan for your camera.

Heal fast!

Tina, glad that you are ok!
Sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident. Hope all gets better for you and your camera.
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That really is a bummer, Tina,

Glad you are not seriously hurt -- I know from sad experience that a broken elbow is a real pain in the you know what -- Cameras can be repaired and it's great that it isn't going to cost you big bucks to do that.

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Thanks for all the well wishes I do have a great bunch of friends here. :love:
Tina B
Tina, I'm so sorry to hear of your fall. Thank goodness you weren't badly hurt. Hopefully your camera will be back soon.

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