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Does anyone use the Bamboo Craft tablet for their art and scrapbooking. I am thinking of getting the new one with both touch and pen but would like to hear from someone who actually uses it.
First of all !!!!

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry I do not have the tablet,so unable to answer your question.However I'm sure someone will come along shortly who does have one.

Again welcome to our friendly forum :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the kind welcome, George. I've been lurking here for quite a while. It is an excellent forum.
I got my first Wacom tablet last week, but I got a Intuos 4 medium. I have the mouse, pen, eight function buttons, touch ring, but no touch commands. From what I've seen the touch commands are pretty much the same as what you get on the i-phones. You can zoom in and out with two fingers and scroll and rotate as well. You can go to the Wacom site's video page and view some tutorial and promo videos that might give you a little more insight on how the Bamboo craft works.
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FYI....Amazon.com has reduced prices on Wacom Bamboo products.
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Hi Shari and welcome,

I have the Wacom Pen & Touch tablet and I love it. I already had a Wacom Graphire4 tablet. My main reason for getting the Pen & Touch for my desktop computer was because my laptop has a touchpad (which I prefer to a mouse). All has worked out well. I especially like the "touch" scrolling function and moving back and forth between pages. I too would suggest checking out the videos on the Wacom site. Have fun!

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