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I have a netbook I got as a gift for Christmas. It came with a free trial of Norton internet secuity and the trial will run out in the next month. What is the best security for a netbook and what is the best method of getting it on to the netbook. Do I need an external drive or download from internet. I am dumb on the subject and value all the experience that is here.

Tina B
There are a slew of security programs out there. Some are even free. I used to use Norton but it just took up too much space on the 'ol puter. I hope Gene chimes in,I just know he has a better way to go. I'm currently using McAfee. And yes,many are downloadable.
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Tina, Make sure you check with you internet provider. Some provide free software. I have Comcast and they provide firewall service. Also they have downloads of Norton and McAFee for free. Set my wifes Windows Notebook machine up free. I use a Mac so it isn't really and issue for me.
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I hope Gene chimes in,I just know he has a better way to go.

Chas, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint ya, because I use Norton's Internet Security 2010. :rotfl:

My renewal is due on Feb 11, so I did some looking around and I think I'm going to stick with it. One of the biggest complaints up until recently was how much system resources that Norton actually uses, and in the last two versions (2009 and 2010) they have done a lot to address those concerns. From the reviews that I have read, they are doing a pretty good job of it. Plus, it consistently gets higher ratings by the reviewers on the sites that I checked (CNET, PCMag, TopTen Reviews).

Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, and now Webroot all are excellent security packages. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and some are easier to use than others. None are 100% fool proof, however. I would suggest reading some reviews since you have some time before making your decision. If you decide to go the route of your Internet Service Provider if they offer anything, make sure its the latest version. I'm on Road Runner and they offer the 2007 version of CA Internet Security Suite. With viruses and malware and things being as they are, I think its best to have the latest version of an internet security program that's out there.

I also recommend an Internet Security Suite and not just an anti-virus program. There's more than just viruses floating around out there. Another added layer of security is a router. It will help hide your computer from the internet.

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I had Norton and took it off as soon as I installed. It slowed my computer down soooo much.
Called my IT guy who recommended the free version of AVG. Installed that so I would have something on there. Had hubby ask the guys at his office that handle their network. He calls me back with the same advice. Download AVG. I have since upgraded to the paid version on both my computers. I think I have the $34.99 one. I still have the free version on the girls computers. I love it!!

Found the link for the free version.

The free one does not protect against root viruses. That is what I picked up from Pioneer Woman's site when it was hacked into. Which is why I bought the one that had the root protection.
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ok lots to think about and read about here. I did see Noton has a Netbook 2010 edition so would that be better for a netbook than the full version? I just have to keep reading and looking at all the options that have been posted.
Thanks for the imput
Tina B
still open to more suggestions
It looks like the Norton Netbook 2010 edition is optimized for netbooks, but still has the same protection built in that the Internet Security 2010 has. It better...it still costs as much! The netbook is optimized so that it uses even fewer resources than it would on a regular PC or laptop, and is intelligent enough to only run some processes when you aren't running off the battery.

And for what its worth, my company uses Norton on all our computers. Norton still gets some bad press for how it behaved up until a couple of years ago. I still also recommend getting a full security suite that includes firewall, rootkit, and other advanced protections, not just an anti-virus and anti-spam product, which is all that the free downloads tend to be.

I don't know about the others, but Norton is pushing updates to me all the time. Every time I check, it seems that the latest was only a few minutes ago. My latest viruses update was at 2:22PM today.

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