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OK ,have followed all these steps,there were a few differances between our printers,but yours is a higher spec than mine,as you can see here
calibrating.jpg (33.21 KiB) Viewed 2901 times

my bar will not allow me to go all the way to 1 or fine and it will only let me choose left or right boxes not the middle so I tookthe bar all the way to 2 and choose the auto on the boxes, also I only get 2 profile choises for the canon paper so as I got matt I set it for matt ,which was mp2
after doing a print out the colour is now very close,but there is loss of detail that Ican easily see on the screen,is lost on dark areas of a printed pic,the prob is if Ipost it you wont see the differance as you are seeing the comps version,but it is a bit better.The other thing is that the pics highlights are brown but on the print out they are definatley blue hun.any suggestions.
Hi Min,

Just back (and recovering from the jet-lag) from our trip to Ireland.

FYI, when I pick Matte paper settings by the profile MPS and Paper type, the settings are not all available on my I9900 either - just the way it works I guess.

If you are still gettimg colour variations in your print, I would suggest that you try doing a maintenance run on your printer - cleaning or deep cleaning - check the last tab in the printer dialogue box. When I was getting ready to reply to your post, I tried to print an item and found out that my colours were off also - in my case, the blues and magentas, did the deep clean, and all was well.

If you send me a PM, with your email address, I will send you an image that is used for checking out colour "correctness" - filled with lemons, strawberries and items that individuals will recognize the colour of.
Hi hun ,
have pm'ed you my e.mail,and will try the deep clean as supposed to the regular,will post on here what it involved and if it made any further differance to my print out.
look forward to hearing from you!,
MIN. :thumbsup:
Hi Min,

I sent it to you a few moments ago.
Hi jlwilm,
so sorry it has been a while,
well I did the deep clean,I got a little worried as when I tried to do a print of ,the first few pics came out with excess black ink on the edges of the photo paper,I also had some horrible lines going right across the page, as if something inside the printer was leaving score lines,I am assuming it was because I had not used the printer for a while.
I checked that my paper was in properly,and it didnt sound as if it was getting stuck or anything.
As I had smudges of black ink on the edges,and no other colour ,I took out my black inks and checked them but they seemed ok,so I put in some ordinary paper,changed my settings accordingly and printed of some word documents in case there was a build up of ink ,the word documents were fine,with no mess anywere,so I put the photopaper back in and tried another photo print and thankfully it is working just fine!.
Is excess of black ink a result of the deep clean hun ,or was it a build up if ink because I hadnt used it for a while ?,or, would it have anything to do with the fact that sometimes I print on to canvas photo paper,would that leave a build up of ink?.Ihave no settings for the canvas paper so I have normally set it to matt paper.
The really good news is that my photos appear to be printing of pretty darn close to the colours I have on my screen.
I dont think they will ever be exactly the same ,but they are very good for my amature useage.
Thank you very much for walking me though this,it has been very helpfull,and hopefully helpfull to others as well hun.
kind regards,

Don't know why the deep cleaning is causing excess black - I get some black occasionally, but usually when I am using non Canon papers.

Best practice is to print at least one picture every 2 weeks - more often only if problems re-occur. And if necessary, next time you should only have to do a normal cleaning.
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