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Getting PSE5 ready for colour calibrated printing.

1. Start PSE5 editor, and click Edit, Color Settings and check off the Always Optimize for Printing (if you are printing). If you are producing an image exclusively for Web, use the Always Optimize for Computer Screens.

color settings.jpg
color settings.jpg (101.81 KiB) Viewed 1692 times

2. Do a File, Print and for your first shot at it, I would recommend the following settings.

print1.jpg (104.58 KiB) Viewed 1692 times

Go into the printer dialogue box by clicking the Properties button when it comes up and tell it what type of paper you are using, etc. Should look like this (based on my printer)

print2.jpg (124.2 KiB) Viewed 1692 times

That should tie up the link between your calibrated monitor and your printer.

The next one takes it a step further.
Now for the good stuff.

And this is where it gets a bit tricky. It depends on what (if any) color profiles are shipped with your printer by Canon (for Min and Me). My printer is a higher end Canon i9900 printer and was shipped with 4 profiles. Not all printers and not all canons are shipped with more than 1.

Some printers will allow you to download, install and access additional profiles for custom paper. Paper manufacturers like Ilford have profiles and instructions on how to configure your printer to their profile. By and large, EPSON printers have lots of profiles available, Canon, quite a few, others - not so much, although you can follow Genes suggestion and get a custom profile for you printer/paper/ink.

This is what to do if yours will permit it.

Do a File, Print, click on the drop-down arrow in the Printer Profile box and hunt down your profile to be used with your paper. On my printer, profiles are designated Canon and show up like this:

print3.jpg (126.71 KiB) Viewed 1691 times

The one to pick depends on the paper being used and here is the legend from Canon an which to use:

set3.jpg (155.84 KiB) Viewed 1691 times

When you get to the Printer dialogue box, make the settings look like this

custom1.jpg (124.62 KiB) Viewed 1691 times

i.e. set Custon for Print Quality and Manual for Colour Adjustment

... continued in next post - hit the max attachments
. . . continued:

next click on the Set button for Print Quality and make it look like this

set1.jpg (49.12 KiB) Viewed 1691 times

then the Set button for Color Adjustment and make it look like this:

set2.jpg (88.1 KiB) Viewed 1691 times

Make sure that the ICM box and print type are set up exactly as shown.

Do you print and see what comes out.
If all this works for you, you will have to make these changes to the printer settings each time you print.

Once you have settled on exactly which settings work best for you, you can "lock" them into the printer defaults by

Start, Settings, Printers and Faxes, right clicking your printer and selecting printing preferences and change the Set buttons, etc. Once done and O.K.d, the settings will show up every time you print.

Good idea to have a pencil and paper when going thru the steps to record the specific settings you have used for a particular print. I usually pencil them onto the back of the test print when I am "playing".
ok.,here goes,
my printer is the MP600 Canon,
Inks are all individual Canon inks (all pretty full).
windows vista
spyder 3 elite moniter calibrator.
Paper,at presant is Jessops matt and gloss paper,but also use HP products and at times artist canvas type paper for inkjet printers.
I dont compramise on my inks,but differant papers can help give a differant overall mood to the end pic ,ie, a satin type paper would be great for portraits and a canvas paper for a painted type pic.
I allways change the type of paper I use in the printer set up before printing anything of.

Jlwilm, Before I start hun,my calibrator is now due to recalibrate my screen ,should I leave this until I have followed the steps or let it go ahead,it automatically does this every two wks,and is set for light reaching the screen at time of calibration not for daily ambiant light.?

I would re-calibrate, then print. but you won't get a valid test using these other papers. HP does not make an ICC profile for Canon printers! The other brand, I havent heard of and the issues with colour perception and these different papers is something that cannot be overcome.

I would suggest that you purchase a small number of Canon papers - matte finish is usually the cheapest and use the Canon paper to see if the colours are representative. If they are, then you can start experimenting with papers, but I wouldn't until I know the calibration and settings are correct.

If the other paper you referenced is high-end, you may be able to go to their website and see if they have a downloadable ICC profile for their paper and your Canon printer. Or use that they recommend with your canon printer. If there is no profile available, your best results will come when you use the printer in "Printer Color Management" and the Printer Driver settings set to High for Print Quality and Auto for Color Adjustment (which are probably the defaults).
OK, will calibrate this evening and pick up some canon matt paper tomorow morning :thumbsup: .
I have not been able to pick up 'canon' photo paper from my usual paper surpliers,and that includes pc world,who sell canon printers and ink,and staples,and none of our lrg chain stores have them iether,the only other place for me to look is my nearest Jessops store or order from on line ,it's really bizzar that I havent been able to buy them, and not because they have run out of stock,but they no longer stock it at all !! :evil: but I am determined to do this with the canon paper as my printer and inks are canon.
Hopefully I will be able to get hold of some tomorow.We are going over to Salisbury,my nearest big city(sorry for the delay hun. :oops: )

Interesting that the local stores seem to be shunning the OEM product stuff. I suspect it has more to do with profit margins than true availability of paper. One thing you might look for is Canon ink packs that come with sample paper. They have them here sometimes with a package of 5-6 sheets of 4x6 and occasionally with packs of 25/50/100 sheets.

I buy these when they are available and use the 4x6 stuff for testing before printing a full size print.
I have the Canon paper!!!!!!!! :woohoo: ,so will now go through these steps one buy one hopefully without any hitches.
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