I know that many of you use Topaz products; those that do know that once you buy any product, any and all future upgrades are free.

I rec'd an email Friday about the issuance of Topaz Simplify 4.1; naturally I was hot to get it and install. Well, my goodness, not a good thing. I was all screwed up.

Contact with the Topaz help facility wasn't much help. Thankfully, I had an established "restore point" of the day before I downloaded the newest greatest and glorious version of Simplify (I use a Windows PC) so I was able to run the restore routine and get all my files back to where they were.

I eventually rec'd another email from Topaz tech support on Monday telling me that they had made changes to the "downloader routine" over the weekend and I should try again to install the new file. Sooooooooo, establish a new restore point, download the file ..... no joy.

At least I am now able to use all 5 of my Topaz products as before. I still have "Simplify"; it's ver.4.0, not the ver.4.1 that was supposedly updated.

The reason for this post is to warn you to be very careful. If any of you Topaz users respond to the update email notice, make darned sure to establish a restore point before acting. If you use a Mac, I imagine you have something similar to use.