I think the way the other forum was good, but let's try to make it better. Let's not try to duplicate everything just because the familiar makes us comfortible. Like Steve said, this is a work in progress. Let's throw our ideas out there and see what sticks. I think Jane and Christian are doing a wonderful job so far, but lets remember this forum isn't making them rich here. They can't be dropping everything in their lives to work on this. Hopefully we they can realize some additional business from us through VioVIo. I for one plan to have a photo book done after my Hawaiian cruise (eat your heart out... :P ).

A lot of what's making us better here is coming from the members: Kim and the newsletter, Homework from Kimi, Challenges from Jen, Reka, Bill, Chas...,TUTs from Don, Anita, Chrisstell, Kev... The list goes on and on. If I knew more about PSE, I'd do a TUT or throw out a challenge. If there were a virtual golf course on here, I'd be happy to mow it everyday, but for now... well, every community needs a village idiot... :?