Suggestions for what you would like to see on this site in the future.
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In case it isn't obvious enough, images are now on the homepage. Single most recent image from 10 users.

Lemme know what you think!
Looks great! Does it change whenever a new image is added to a member gallery?
Wonderful!!!! Jane that is my question too??
What a nice birthday present you gave us! on your birthday, that is...
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suzib wrote: Wonderful!!!! Jane that is my question too??

I know - thats why I posted it here. ;)
dang, almost burned my buns, so busy watching this forum
Oh... it looks awesome!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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So which one of you crazy gals is going to be first to update your gallery so we can see if it shows up on the right? :lol:
Now thats cool. I had a feeling that is what Christian was up to since the Index page was off tonight. It didn't look like a fluke.

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