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Hi Guys,

FYI, we will be doing software updates to PrestoPhoto this weekend. These are major, yet invisible, changes to help us grow the book designer with lots of great new features. This is the first of a two part set of updates we have scheduled, the second is hardware updates, which will likely happen next weekend.

The elements forum should be unaffected, though there may be brief periods when it is unavailable.
Good to know. Thankx!

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thanks for letting us know. And thank you for all that you do to keep us going, I really appreciate you and all who put the hard work into prestophoto and this forum. I am proud to hang my hat here.
Spyder, I have a question maybe you can answer for me. I have my PM account set up so that I am supposed to get e-mail notification of new PM's. I am not getting that but every once in awhile I will get like 30 notifications all at once. All of them are months old. How can I fix this??
Maybe it has always been this way, but number of posts don't change when you post several times in a topic. Example: When Suzi posted and asked for a way to make a sillouette, she was at 6365, then she posted again in the same topic and the post number was still 6365. Mm-m-m. Maybe I just hadn't noticed that before. :o :doh:

Edit: I just noticed that my posts have not changed in the last few days. On January 19, I had 307 posts and today I have 307 posts. Maybe due to the updates to the site?

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While looking at the PrestoPhoto galleries, all photos are displayed small (like thumbnails)?
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Thanks for the heads up Spider.

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You are right, Michel, all the photos are really small now!!!
Alrighty, all of the heavy duty updates are in. Hopefully you can't tell ;-)

Michel, thanks for the heads up about small images! We had missed that, and should be fixed now for everyone. Please holler if you see anything else that looks out of place.
Whenever you post, the post count in your "Profile Area", to the right of the post advances by one. This happens in all posts, not just the newest because the "Profile Area" is in another frame and is repeated as needed throughout the forum. If you change your avatar, it's the same way, it's changed everywhere it appears. My current avatar is the same in this post as in my first post back in November of 2007, even though I've used several avatars since then. (Time flies, don't it! :wave: )

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