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Uploaded a picture in my gallery and it is showing in the rolling gallery but when you click on it to view it the "generating thumbnails" is showing. You can't see the picture because of this. Joe, also mentioned same problems. It looks like a recent happening.
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We just had a site update that could be causing this problem. I have notified the engineering team and will let you know when it's been fixed.

Thank you!
This is fixed and should start working with our next code drop. The issue only happens with newly uploaded images smaller than 800x600.
Thank you so much, Spider :woohoo:
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Still not working for me. And i tried sav for web at 800 x 800.
I am very frustrated i still can not get my photos to show in the gallery!
It seems to be working now.

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Oh yes Rusty i am thrilled to have it working again. I PM'd Spider and he was kind enough to get to the bottom of it. I am thrilled to have it work again. Thanks Spider.
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