Suggestions for what you would like to see on this site in the future.
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Hey All,

With the renewed interest in the forum, we will be updating the site to the latest version and installing a new mobile-friendly theme.

While the process is underway forum will be offline for a bit.
Any idea when the dates are for the change?
All done! Board is updated to 3.0.13 and an all new mobile friendly theme. Please post here if there are any issues.

Once in a sub-forum, the text is the same as every other background colour and cannot be read.

Can you paste a link in particular? Hold down the SHIFT key, and click reload. It sounds like a caching issue.
Ahh, all better now, Shift+Reload worked! :toast:
Thank you Spider.
I do have a hard time seeing the headings unless i am hovering on them because the colors blend in or is it me.
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Has you problem gone away? It sounds like you may have the same caching problem that I had and a SHIFT+RELOAD or SHIFT+F5 key may be the solution.
Thank you so much . Once i figured out how to reload it is just fine now.
Another question:
It seems that new users have tried to register without success. They have reported their tries on the Village forum. Has noone really registered recently?
Is the member list regularly updated? (last one : Kpaw).
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