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The June issue of one of my favorite magazines has an excellent tutorial concerning adjustments for better color. The nice thing is that it covers the variations of using Elements, Photoshop, ACR and Lightroom. ... right.html

I was reminded of a few things I knew, introduced to features of Elements and ACR that I had no idea existed, and learned that some things I routinely do are just not correct. :shock:

I will be reading and rereading this, and a lot of practice is needed. If you like it, I suggest you either download or print it. They replace the articles every month as new magazine issues are published and not all of them go to archive. This may only be out there for another 4 or 5 weeks.

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Thanks very much, Rusty, I have saved it!
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Thanks so much for the link, Rusty
Thanks, Rusty. Very informative article.

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