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I was cleaning out my Elements notebook and found a sketch tutorial by Anita aka Westiemom so I thought I would give it a whirl. I remember this one being pretty popular a couple of years ago.
Here it is from Anita:
Open your photo
Ctrl J to copy
Ctrl+shift+u to remove color
Ctrl J to copy the black and white layer. On this layer Ctrl I to invert
Change the blend mode on the inverted layer to color dodge.
Go Filter, other, Minimum. I used 4 pixels

Now go back to the original layer( the one with color) Ctrl J to copy
Drag that layer to the top and reduce the opacity.
Merge the top three layers so you're left with two layers.
Ctrl j to copy
Go filter, Artistic, poster edges
Play with the opacity until you get something you like.

Family-in-the-Park.jpg (89.53 KiB) Viewed 2299 times

Have fun
Tina B
great job, Tina
Suzi Thanks,
I just wanted to share the tut with those who might me new around here. I know when I first joined and everyone was posting their favorite tutorials I got so excited that I could do something different. Maybe someone else would like to try it. I have keept my favorite tutorials in a notebook and I get it out once in a while and take a look at it to see what I may have forgotten.
Tina B
Tina, thanks for the tut.

I will try it soon.
Tina, thanks for the tut.

I got half way through the exercise and liked the B&W, so I saved that. Then I went on and finished the rest of the steps. I'm wondering which one people will like best?


I like the last one . I have saved a couple half way through too. They look like pencil sketches.
Tina B
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