1.From the menu bar, select File/New, and make the file size about 200 pixels by 200 pixels. Make sure that the file is in RGB mode.

2.Select a light blue for the foreground color, (I used #cff8fc) and a darker blue for the background color (I used #010d62). Of course, you can select any colors that you prefer, but for best results select two colors that have a high constrast.

3.Select Filters > Render > Clouds.

4.Behold! The heavens appear within your file. The clouds filter uses the foreground and background colors you have chosen to create the clouds in your file. If you don't like the first effect you get with this filter, hit Ctrl + F on Windows, Command + F on the mac, which will reapply the filter and give a slightly different result each time.

5. Return to the Filter menu. Select Render > Lighting Effects.

6. In the Light Effects menu, change the shape of the ellipse to a circle that is centered within your file. Use the Default Spotlight setting, but change the Narrow setting to 39.