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Cool....a new toy!!!!!

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Well, now the fat is in the fire!

Watched the Kelby/Kozlowski(?) video and will probably download the trial version and give it a whirl.

The one thing I really disliked about Lr 1.x was the integration with Photoshop and it looks like they have licked that.

Now, when can I fit this in?
yea ha! :chickendance:

Been using the beta since it came out. Interested to see what the changes from that are. :thanks:
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Howdy amigos:
For a complete list of changes and updates on LR2 go to:
BTW she publishes a LR ebook that is very,very good. I'll be getting the one on LR2 in a little while.
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There is also a new camera raw 4.5, don't have the link for that yet. If anyone has the link for the new ACR could you please post it. And this is new and in beta and available now
link for 4.5 ACR ... ftpID=3943

PS, all of you guys that are getting the new LR and ACR don't forget the LR/ACR challenge every week. Would love to see you there
A question maybe someone can answer for me. I am going to upgrade to LR 2 this afternoon. I would like to give my LR 1.4 to a friend. Can I do that??? Do I have to transfer ownership with Adobe? And if so how do I go about doing that??? Ok, so that was 3 questions instead of one. I hope someone has an answer to these.
Suzi - I found this: ... &sliceId=1. It seems as if it might be a hassle for you. :)
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Just had a long talk with an Adobe person and at first it seemed like it was going to be a snap. But then hit a huge roadblock. He said that if I am upgrading (which I am ) that LR2 needs LR1 to do that. That one will overwrite the other. I am not totally believing that so will see what happens after I upgrade later today. If my license number changes then I should be able to give away my old version. I still have all the install exes of all the older version saved. I never get rid of anything, well not intentionally anyway.
I am not a LR user (yet), but I have just found this information: ... e=28777831
You should be prudent if you are upgrading from LR2 beta.
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