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Suzi - as I recall from using Microsoft upgrades, you don't really qualify for an upgrade if you sell/give the original product. I'm sure that's Adobe's thinking on this, too. :)
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I wonder if we will be able to find it for less than the $299? (ouch)

I also wonder if it will fully import my images from Bridge without me loosing any? :oops:
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I originally downloaded the Lightroom trial 1.1 trial version, then made the decision to purchase it. I got the number and was able to use it to activate my version of Lightroom.

I seem to recall that there was no automatic collection of all the images, had to initiate it myself, which was fairly easy to do - Import from the Library Module and point it my My Pictures and then click on Choose Selected.

As for getting them all from Bridge, Bridge is really like Windows Explorer a file manager that works with and sees all of the file management system on your computer.

Lightroom is a catalog based system - not unlike Elements Organizer.
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Susan, if you give away your LR v1 you wont be able to use your LR v2. LR2 integrates LR1 into it. That is the upgrade. If you buy the LR2 full version you may be able to give away v1 but you may still have problems with Adobe.

For example I got CS3 installed on 2 pc when I installed on my office pc a message came up "you have excedded your license privilages and the program did not work. So I have to delete it. After all my frustrations I called adobe (to make a long story short) and was told that that is how its works. They program the anti piracy protection right withing their software and when you register that info goes in to their servers and that let them know what you are doing with what you paid top dollars for and thought it was yours.
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I got the upgrade and now have 2 versions on my computer. LR1 and LR2, I am going to keep the old one on for awhile just to be sure there are no bugs in 2. As far as I can tell you only needed the serial number from 1 to activiate 2. Now they both have different serial numbers. I hope I can safely remove version 1 when the time comes????
Just be careful, Suzi. You sure don't want to mess up what you've got.
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Canon 40D; EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM; EF 50mm f/1.4 USM; Tamron 17-50 f/2.8; EF-S 55-250mm IS.
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You are so right, Sunny. I am waiting for someone to come along and tell me it is safe to remove the older version. Really don't want both on the computer.
Hi - I am going to install LR2 by download. I have never liked Bridge and am still using PSE5 Organizer.

I was advised to uninstall the Beta version of LR first - is this right? I specifically did not import any photos into the Beta version because it said there might be a problem when getting the new LR2.
I also have two computers. Can I download LR2 to my desktop and my notebook?

Have to mention that on the new notebook I just purchased included in the software was Elements 6. I did not know until yesterday when I was fooling around. If we get many more days like today (pouring) I will be playing around and will post some pictures.
Thanks for any advice.
Shari, i did not delete the beta first and all went well. Finger crossed. I think you can have a copy on a desktop and a laptop.
Errrrrrrr, now that you are gettting LR2, I would love to see you in the LR challenge.
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