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Thanks Suzi - I think everyone is downloading, I cannot get in.
Did you use the link I posted, just tried it and got in. Keep at it, everyone is jumping on the wagon
shari wrote: Hi - I am going to install LR2 by download. I have never liked Bridge and am still using PSE5 Organizer.

I was advised to uninstall the Beta version of LR first - is this right? I specifically did not import any photos into the Beta version because it said there might be a problem when getting the new LR2.
I also have two computers. Can I download LR2 to my desktop and my notebook?

Have to mention that on the new notebook I just purchased included in the software was Elements 6. I did not know until yesterday when I was fooling around. If we get many more days like today (pouring) I will be playing around and will post some pictures.
Thanks for any advice.

I am just like Shari. I am buying it not for the develop mode but for the photo organization. The rest is extra. :biggrin:
I absolutely hate Bridge and since I have been shooting raw I have been stuck with it.
Also like Shari I put NO images into the beta version because they could not guarantee they would transfer. Have already read about this happening with vers. 2. :oops:

Go ahead and put it on both Shari. Adobe says you just can't use them at the same time. (I don't think they will sneak in your home to see)

Edit: I am also going to delete the beta version before I install. :wave:
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Kimi and Shari, now that both of you are getting it REMEMBER THE LR challenge. Geez, am I ever pushing that or what :saint: :pray: :love:
Suzi... I don't really like the LR challenges. :oops:
I find it too restricting.
With so much going on, I think I am going to really concentrate on where my time goes.
I still hoping to find time to start the kreative homework again?
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Well, if you can start the HW back up, I guess I can excuse you from the other :woohoo: :cheer2:
Yea, Suzi.......back off Kimi so she can do our homework. :rotfl: As soon as I finish DID and Oh Shoot!, I'll have more time to play, too.
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Well - I think I will download tomorrow. Suzi I can get into the site OK but when I click buy it takes me to a page that says error!! Anyway it has been one of those days where everything is going wrong. Probably better to wait until tomorrow when I am fresh. I find it hard getting used to a notebook. I have typed all my life and can really whiz along on this (my desktop keyboard) but finding my way around the laptop with any speed is taking time. I want to get my 4000+ photos organized in lightroom and then I will have a look at your challenge. Thanks.
You stated "I am just like Shari. I am buying it not for the develop mode but for the photo organization. The rest is extra."
Well my friend I think you are going to end up like the woman the married a rich man for his money and end up loving him :rotfl:
LR is THE Program for photographers and now with the new brush youll fall in love with it.
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LOL Don,
That is a hilarious analogy :rotfl:

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