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I just purchased Lightroom(upgrade) and got a 15% discount. The promotion code is PIA06. I found the promotion code on"Digital Camera Review".

If you are a member of NAPP you also get a 15% discount. Glad to see that others can get a discount also.
Now to find a place where you can buy LR1 cheap. It should be seeing as how it is now replaced.
Well, I was going to wait, but when I saw this 15% off, I figured why wait.

So, I didn't wait! :chickendance: :chickendance:

Now to figure out the new stuff.
Thank you Anita>
I always order the programs and updates on CD and that cost me $15.00 for Federal Express with the code you provided Iend up paying the same price for the update but save the shipping so MUCHAS GRACIAS you made my day. :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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Thanks Anita!
I too took the plunge with the discount, saved about $45.00 I browse this forum for a while and really liked the LR support and can't wait to finally utilize all the information in the LR forum.
:thanks: :cheer2: :thumbsup: :puter:
Welcome to the forum, glad to see you here. Now that you have it, join us in the LR/ACR challlenges, please
Love to, when time permits. I do most of my forum crusing at lunch time at work but I will be checking in to see if I understand what is going on. Only played with LR a week or so with a trial.
Give it a try, it is a great way to learn about LR/ACR and all that it can do.
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