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Some free presets here. These are really good ones. I have had them all for quite awhile and love them. He is offering them all free here. ... d=1651019#
Suzib, i dont have lightroom. But i really appreciate you thinking of us.
Thanks, Suzi. I've got a huge list of presets in Lightroom but have never gone through them to see exactly what they do. Is there one that you use for general post processing? I just play with the setings until the picture looks good. :)
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yep, I snagged them also. Thanks Suzi!
I am planning on LR2 so I have been saving presets. :biggrin:
I didn't really add anything to the beta version because I knew I wouldn't be keeping it.
I would love to see some of everyone favorites!!
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Kimi, there are some really good ones in this set.

Sunny, I don't have a set way of doing anything in LR. Usually I will run throught all my presets to see if there is anything I like, if not then I start playing with all the settings.
Oh, and Shari has posted the challenge for this week, please take a look.
Suzi, can you use these in ACR?
No, Shari you can't but some of then I had converted for ACR they are in the last newsletter as freebies
I got them anyway, hope to get LR for my Bday.
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