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A new release of LR3 - LR 3.2 - is now available - bug fixes and some additional Camera Profiles for lens distortion correction. Includes Camera Raw 6.2.

Also new, ACR for CS5 users.
John, how do you like the new Lightroom

Like it a lot, but took a while to get used to the Import function. I particularily like the new lens distortion correction feature and the absolutely amazing improvement in noise handling. I haven't used Noise Ninja since getting Lr3 and probably won't - it used to be that NN beat CS3 hands down for Noise Reduction, but not in CS5, not even close.
What was so different about the import function?? I still have not upgraded yet as you can tell
It is just a completely different layout, does the same stuff, but they changed the location of the functions in the Library module.

Lr 3 looks like this

Hummmmmmm, I might have to upgrade soon
I'll second everything John said above. LR is getting better with each release in its fixes and improvements in its tools. It is also getting much faster than it was. No waiting for things to happen (hardly!) any more.

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I think this is the best LR version and update ever. But like John stated the new import set up takes a bit to get use to.
I recommend both LR-3 and Photoshop CS-5 for Digital Photographers by Colin Smith learning videos. You can check them out here I got them on Black Friday at 50% off the LR video and 20% off the CS-5 video and got free shipping. Colin is a first class teacher and I also recomend joining their cafe forum.
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