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Hi Everyone

I use a mac and Elements 2, wondering if I should upgrade to another version.
As there is no version 5 for macs it has to be 3 / 4 ?

Any input as to which one would be best for me to get ?

Macadam, there should be an upgrade to PSE6 (or 5, depending on what they decide to name it) for Mac after the beginning of the year. It might be worth your while to wait it out till then. I hope you don't have to wait long!! :)
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I agree...

Adobe announced that they would have a vers 6 for Mac. It should be out at the beginning of the year.

vers 5 was so much better than 4, I would wait for vers 6.

And Welcome! :mrgreen:
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Hi Hukari and Kimi

Thanks to you both for the replies, I will have to wait and see what 6 holds but "IF" I were to spend now, any opinions as to which is better 3 / 4 please ?

There are Adult Ed classes in my local area and they say my version just wont hack them.
Thanks again
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