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I have a picture that I want to make into a 2"x3". Every time I try to input in those dimentions while printing it changes one. IE: I input 3" as the height it automatically inputs 2.4" into the width. Is there a way to stop it from doing that and just allow me to input both dimentions? I have PSE5.
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Your photo is at a different aspect ratio from what your desired print size is. You will either have to crop the image to a 3:2 aspect ratio (it is now at 5:4) or distort it. If that is what you want, go to >Image >Resize >Image Size and check Resample Image and uncheck Constrain Proportions. Next you can fill in your exact dimensions.

The aspect ration is different and will result in different size than you want. I usually just crop the size I need and it works pretty good. You can move the crop lines around so that you can see what will be cropped out.
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