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I'm moving this question from a "Coffee Shop" thread since it's gone off the original topic...
me429sb wrote: If you click on 'create' at the top of the editor, and then select album pages PSE5 has some basic page templates built into the program. You just select the page size you want (you can resize again after the page comes up if the size you want isn't there) and then select one of the templates.

I remembered to look for "album pages" under the "create" tab last night in PSE7. Does anyone know if these templates are something that have gone away in PSE7, or am I still missing it? I'd like to find very simple pre-made photo album style page templates like what was available in PSE5.
I've been less than impressed with PSE7's "create" projects. They seem rather useless. The photo book creates a non-standard size book and I couldn't find a way to resize it. The calendar creator tries to send me to a 3rd party vendor's website to create my calendar, but I don't have internet at home.
Perhaps "photo collage" offers the closest thing to photo album page templates, but it didn't appear to be customizable as far as putting 4 pictures on the page instead of just 2. Any comments?

Are PSE8's projects any better?
It looks like to me it is under create then artwork!! Will do more checking
I only looked very quickly under "artwork" (didn't see anything obvious), so I could have missed it. I'll try to take a closer look, too, if I get a chance. Thanks!
I still don't see anything! I think the closest thing to usable page templates is under "Collages".
Another thing you can do is do a google search for templates, download and then use them. There are tons out there.
In the top toolbar try window/content. Then check the dropdown menus. Not sure since I don't use these, but it looks like what you're looking for.
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