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:help: I have made two signature brushes and they are in preset manager "brushes".

I have no problem saving, I just can't figure out how I get them out and what I do with them at that point.

Please HELP11 I am not very good at computereze or PSEze. Small baby steps would probably be very helpful.
Step by step instructions to get the signatures to the photo would be a life saver.

Thanks,guys, for any and all help.

Bob, you make your brush, it will be at the end of whatever brushset you have open.
chick on the preset manager. Ctrl click (PC) Command click (mac) on each brush you want in your new set if it is one or ten. Then click save set. Make sure you are in the brush folder if you want them to load each time (or save them where you want but they will not automatically load.)
name the set signatures or whatever then click save.
Hope this helps.
Hmmm, I've never noticed the Preset Manager before... maybe that's why I didn't really understand Judy's explanation.

If you've got your photo open, the one you want to put your signature on, then select the Brush tool. Click on the drop-down (top left of the brush menu bar) to see what brushes you have to choose from. If you're lucky, your signature brushes will already be listed. If not, you've got to load the brushes. To do this, while your drop-down is open, look over on the right for the little double arrow head icon and click on it. That should give you a new pop-up menu and Load Brushes is the choice you want to select. (I think Preset Manager also has the Load option, but I've never done it that way.) Then you have to know where you saved your brushes. Specify that path and filename, load them, and you should be ready to use your brush. Whatever your foreground color is will be used. Just click once on your photo and your signature should be painted on. You may have to change the size, and you can create a new layer to put it on it's own layer instead of right on your photo layer, if you want. I hope this helps.

Courtney, if you want them to show up in your list and not have to load them each time. Save them through the preset manager as my earlier post just make sure you save them in elements preset brushes folder. Then they will appear in your drop down list when you open elements the next time.
Thanks guys,
Taking all the information, so willingly given, and allowing this old brain time to digest it,I realized that when I clicked on the brushes icon, I still had go up to where the 4 syles and squiggly line are and hit that arrow to open the drop-down. Once there finding my brush was easy. found I could resize and position where I pleased. Next step will be learning how to hcange color and opacity.

Thanks again. I'll be back.

Bob :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
Bob, glad we could help.
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