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I have just downloaded and saved Dreamy Photo from AutoFX to my hard drive, I'm using Windows XP. Before I install, could anyone give me directions on how to install in E6? I am horrible at putting things in the right folders and then getting them to work. I have not downloaded anything into 6 yet and I would appreciate any help. I also have Graffi's action in 5 and I would like to transfer to 6 if there is a way but for now I'm working on the Dreamy DL. Thanks in advance for any help :?
Charlotte, I'm not sure if it will work on 6 yet because I haven't tried. I know AutoFx has auto install so worse case try to install and see if it picks the files on it's own or if your prompted to pick. I will see if I can find more out. Hopefully someone will answer in the mean time.
Jen Clark
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Jen, thank you so much for replying. I tried the AutoFx auto install and it prompted me to pick a download file and I wasn't given the option to DL to the file I thought it would go in which is the same I used for E5. I also tried to DL the PDF guide to install and I couldn't get it to open, guess it just wasn't meant for me to DL. Oh well, I guess I will try Graffi's actions I have saved in E5 and see if they download, wish me luck.

Thanks again.
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