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Hello pete,
glad you joined the forum,you will get lots of very friendly help here hun,look forward to seeing you'r pics,the ''challenge yourself'' has something for everybody to have a go at,have fun!
Hello from Estonia :wave:
piison wrote: Hello from Estonia :wave:

Hello from Canada! :wave:

And a big welcome from Korea. :wave:

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What is this mean - Grasshoppa? :)
Welcome Pal and Piison. Piison young grassphoppa i believe comes from an old kung fu movie . Young grasshopper you are young and learning. I may be wrong but this is my idea of what it means. Young grasshoppa was learning from the kung fu master in the movie.
It is just for fun, Piison
The titles automatically change based on how many posts a person makes to the forums.

You are welcome here and we look forward to seeing you more.

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I must admit I have gotten to the age that I was actually disappointed not to be termed a young grasshopper after the 50 posts had passed :biggrin: Hello from USA :wave:
Welcome, & you will be learning alot of information here. Don't be afraid to ask & the main thing is have fun along the way because it can be frustrating sometimes until you learn the steps.
Good luck,
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