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I have had 2, 5 and 7 and no problems with any of them. But I sure am interested in CS5!!! :love: Wish I could afford to shell out the bucks for it.

That's not silly.

In my case I've only used the Editor. That probably makes a difference. As to PSE3 - I guess I just had a mental block against it. I don't remember why I even bothered to update.

When I upgraded from Photoshop 4.0 to CS it was a case of "having to". My Win 95 machine was having problems and I did like the idea of the easier way to do drop shadows in CS. So my buddy convinced me to go to XP and CS. In the meantime I could not get drivers to convert my Sprintscan35 (SCSII) or my Envisions 24 Pro. So now I have $3.2K (original costs) in scanners in mothballs - antiques.
Ouch, yes that's an expensive lot of spare parts!

I've always had to be a bit careful with my spending on computers, software, cameras etc. Even then, I spent about 1300 UK Pounds (probably about $3000 at the time) in 1991 when I got my first computer - a 386sx with 1Mb of RAM and two floppy disk drives and, I think, about 120Mb HD. The replacement for that was a 486dx with a whole 2Mb RAM - still around 800 pounds. My software for years was mainly shareware and a few things that I "found". Glad that I got a 'reasonable' PC this time round and then added extra RAM and fast graphics card.... doing well four years on and, as long as XP is supported in some way it should last me a few more years..... I say should - something's bound to happen to it or some "essential" software will come along that I "cannot do without", but will demand more power.
PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

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