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A friend on another forum just went from CS to PSE8. He's trying to add the Velvia plug-in to Elements and doesn't know where to go. He tried putting it in C:\Program Files\Adobe\elements8\Plug-Ins\automate\Velvia Vision.8li=

I have PSE 7 and 'automate' isn't part of the plug-in folder. Could someone with 8 help with the path?
Your message mentions "Velvia Vision.8li"..... which would certainly be a file used in the Automate folder (which I have in PSE6, so I'd have thought PSE7 and 8 would also have it). The path you mention should be right.

It's not a standard plug-in, or it would have an "8bf" suffix. If there really isn't an 'Automate' folder, perhaps you or your friend could create one to put it in. Or just try it in the main Plug-Ins folder.

Of course, not all Plug-Ins that work in CS3/4/5 will necessarily work in Elements.
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Thanks, Geoff. I'll pass that on to him.
It should just go into the plug-in folder like all the others. That is where mine is in photoshop
Found this

When you extract the plug-in you get an executable file named mvv15.exe. Of course Photoshop can't read the executable so you have to install it. If it wouldn't install I would try this method as a workaround although I don't see why it wouldn't install.

Go through the install options but instead of directing the executable to install the plug-in in your Photoshop folder, type in the path to your desktop and it will place the file there. The actual plug-in is called "Velvia Vision.8li" Just copy it from your Desktop and paste in into the following location (assuming you're on a Windows computer wiith a standard Photoshop installation): C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS3\Plug-Ins\FM Plugins (Since you have other FM Plugins that folder should already be there).

Now start Photoshop and go to File > Automate and you'll see Velvia Vision listed there.
And this

Have worked it out myself after patiently exploring the program. In PS Elements 8 go to Edit/Preferences/Plug-Ins. There is a box for additional Plug-Ins, browse through to C:\Program Files\Fred Miranda and choose that as the additional Plug-Ins folder, then click OK. Restart the program and look in File/Automation tools and there they are! Simples.
Thanks, Suzi. I passed that on to Bob.
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