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There must be a secret that I don't know! Here's my problem - when I work on multi-layered files and want to move one of the layers, one of the other layers moves instead. Typically this is a scrapbook type of page or collage and the layer I want to move is smaller than the canvas. But the canvas-sized background layer is the one that moves.

I always click on the layer in the palette to make it the active one. I've also tried Ctrl clicking it so I have the marching ants on my layer. I try to position the move tool on the dot in the middle of the layer to be moved, or on the photo part of it (sometimes they have transparent backgrounds). I've moved the layer above the one that keeps moving by accident. Sometimes these things help, but sometimes they don't.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm using PSE6.


Courtney it must be a secret because it happens to me sometimes also.
Turn OFF Auto Select. This was driving me crazy until I figured out what was happening. When Auto Select is off, move will only apply to what's on the layer you have highlighted.
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Yeah, what Rusty said. Or make sure you're working on the top visible layer.
Ah ha! I knew there must be a trick! I will try that. Thank you Rusty and tennie!!

Courtney: Did it work?
yep, once i found that. i have NEVER turned it back on!!! :chickendance:
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Russinator wrote: Courtney: Did it work?

:woohoo: Yes, it certainly did!

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