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I used to have elements 5 & have now upgraded to 9.

I am trying to cut a selection and paste as new layer.

So am lasooing, copy as new layer but it will bring in a new layer without the selection on it?


1.make selection of what you want to copy
2. edit copy
3. open the photo you want to place the copy on.
4.make a new blank layer above the background layer and paste onto that blank layer. Make sure your blank layer is selected before pasting or the object you copied will go to what ever layer is active.
you should be able to move or resize etc. the pasted layer.
I am not really sure what you are asking.
Tina B
Have tried it that way too but when I click paste it doesn't appear and I have definitely either cut or copied the selection before hand?
I have PSE 7 but can't think that 9 would be that different.
I select with lasso or whatever then do a ctrl/j and the selection is automatically put on a new layer.
Gina, here is what it looks like....

Make your selection, see the marching ants; the selection is active...
Select.jpg (115.43 KiB) Viewed 376 times

While that selection is active, hit Ctrl-J. That creates a new layer above wherever you were when you made the selection and the only thing on that layer is the selection. OR... while that selection is active, key Edit > Copy, create a new blank layer and key Edit > Paste. It doesn't matter how you do it, the result is exactly the same and your layer stack looks like this...
Select on Layer.jpg
Select on Layer.jpg (153.26 KiB) Viewed 376 times

I almost always use the "Ctrl-J Method" because it's so much faster. But, suppose you want to make your selection in one file and then put it on a layer in another file. In this case I would open the two files in the Edit Panel (Window > Image > Tile), make my selection in one file (Edit > Copy), switch to the other file, create a new blank layer and copy it with Edit > Paste.
Select 2 Files.jpg
Select 2 Files.jpg (161.37 KiB) Viewed 376 times

I'm using PSE7 here, sure it's the same in PSE9.

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Be sure you're on the layer that actually has the stuff you want to copy. I mean make sure that is the active layer in the layers palette. I've managed to select things but then somehow have the active layer be a different one. That doesn't help when trying to copy!

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