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Ok, now it showed up after I clicked submit but only the final pic. I also tried to post the 2 pics I combined to create this. But anyway, the final product is there. Feedback please...
One thing I notice is that the edges are too white? What do you think caused that?
Teresa welcome , i think you did an awesome job. You should have seen my first one.
ladybug, I noticed u said u got the pic from the "freebies section". What is that? Thanks for the compliment ( I have spent weeks trying to learn this and was getting no where until I found this forum) but do u think my edges are too white looking?
but do u think my edges are too white looking?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :D

It looks like you used the glass posted by Tina and that glass had "white edges" to start with.

I've never done a "picture in a glass" before so can't rely on personal experience. You could try to tone down the white on the glass before you insert your "people image", or you could try after the fact if you think it is distracting. Never having done it, I have no idea which would work best.

If you want to tone it down, try the method I posted on your white vignette thread. Put a 50% gray layer on top, change the blend mode to overlay and then paint with black over the white. Paint at about 22% opacity and use multiple strokes to build up the effect.

Personally, I like what you have done just as posted.

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I would try to feather the edge of you photo a little more and then bring the photo in so it let more of the edged of the glass show. I will look and see if I can find one of the photos I did using this glass and post that.
you have the right idea you just have to tweak it a little.

Tina B
Thank you all for your feed back. Rusty, I will try the gray layer if I can figure it out. And Tina I would appreciate the picture of the glass that you did. Maybe that will help me to get mine the way I want it. This is such a helpful forum! Now for my next question...where is a good place to print?
I'm not the best person to answer printing questions because I so rarely do it. But I just use what is local and convenient, which in my case is Walmart and once in awhile, London Drugs.

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Here is one that I did and the couple were pleased with how it turned out.
Tina B
teresa1016 wrote: Thank you all for your feed back. Now for my next question...where is a good place to print?

I usually print here at home; however, when I really want a top quality print I go with White House. Their web site is: http://www.whcc.com/?gclid=CO-8ppj57KYCFQdMgwodpy7jGA

I have also used Costco, Sam's Club and a few others.
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