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I am new to photoshop (or any other editing for that matter). I would love to make a picture effect of a photo in a wine glass and am about to pull my hair out trying to figure this out. I have found some instructions on the internet but am having a hard time following them. I have Photoshop elements 9 (windows). I have a picture of a beach scene that I took in Cancun. I uploaded a picture of a wine glass and cut out the wineglass using the quick selection tool and selection tool brush. That part looks pretty good. I can't figure out how to get the picture in the glass. I used the elliptical selection tool and made an oval around the picture. I tried to erase the background of the oval but couldn't figure that out. So I tried to drag the oval to the wineglass and the entire picture moved and covered the glass and the entire beach scene. I tried to do decrease opacity and erase background but that has turned into a sloppy mess. I really want to do this for a friend as a wedding gift but can't seem to figure out how and I am running out of time. Can someone please help me figure out how to do this. Maybe I am doing things in the wrong order. I don't know...but I am sure someone out there can help me. And I sure would appreciate any help I can get.
Once you have the oval selected, feather it than click command or control on PC + C to copy the selection. Make the wine glass pic active and use control+V to paste the selection. Then use the move nad transform tools to adjust.
I think Judy has done this and may even have some examples. She's not had much time to be on the forum lately though.

I think there are several ways you could do it. The main thing I'd recommend is to keep everything on separate layers. Getting it to look realistic will be the trickiest part... the curve for a 3D look, adding a catchlight, making it somewhat transparent... I've never tried it.

Check this thread started by kev.viewtopic.php?f=21&t=579&hilit=wine+glass
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this is a smaller size but I do have a full size jpg.
I have this wine glass that I downloaded free from somewhere that might work. I can share it if someone tells me how to do that. It is a jpg that is 3000 x3000.
I have used this one several times for anniversarys and wedding photos.
Tina B
Tina that is one that i have also. I think someone posted in the freebies section. I will see if it is there. I do not know where teresa went but she has not responded to any of the threads she posted.
Thanks fot the info! Just got off work. I am a nurse during the day and trying to learn to do this at night. Gonna fix supper and try this later this evening. I hope I am able to master this. I think it makes a beautiful picture. I am so new to this. I know it will just take some time to learn. I will try to post my pic if I can figure it out. I'm sure many more questions will arrise though. Thanks for the pic. It is much better looking than the one I have.
I'm sure many more questions will arrise though.

Ask away, Teresa. There are a lot of talented people here ... and all of them started out right where you are now. Lot of helpful people too.

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Ok, Please give me feedback. I used the picture posted here and the photo of the couple. I am posting the 2 photos I used and what I ended up with. Seriously, I want some constructive criticism. I will be doing this as a wedding gift for someone and want it to look nice. I will actually be using one of their wedding photos to do their picture but this picture will do for now. I appreciate aany feedback or constructive criticism I can get. Thanks! I am so glad I found this forum. You all have been so helpful!
Can't seem to figure out how to place the pics on here. Can someone please tell me how to do that so I can get some feedback. I clicked below on upload attachments , browsed and added my file I thought but I dont see it


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