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Ok, Lets hope this works. I resized (I think) and posted the pics.


Notice the picture of "Kaylee 1 small". When I cut her out, I also got the background behind her hair. She is sitting on my mother's lap who has a grey sweatshirt on. How do I select her hair and not the grey from the sweatshirt behind the hair? I have photoshop elements 9
Teresa, Somebody better than I will have to tell you how to make difficult hair selections.

If you don't get that help, you can do what I do -- cheat. I don't even try. I simply arrange the photos inside a frame. This happens to be square, use whatever works for you. This example uses the low res images you posted, it will look better when you work with your original files.
Laylee-Jade.jpg (130.65 KiB) Viewed 336 times

I put the cute girls inside hard-edge frames. You can blend it the way Courtney did in this montage:

I suspect she was staying away from selecting hair :D


(Ooops, I misspelled Kaylee when I named my attachment)
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