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How would I merge 2 (or more) people into one photo and make it look like they took the picture together. Example: I have a baby picture of me (my mother is also in the picture) and a baby picture of my husband. I would like to somehow make it appear that we had our pictures taken together. Just a thought for an anniversary gift.
Why don't you post the two pictures you have. There are a number of different ways to do what you want, being able to see what you have to work with will influence which method of merging will work best.

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Ok. Thanks Rusty. I will do that tonight or tomorrow. My pictures are at home and I am at work. I will need to scan them and post. You have been quite helpful with my many projects I have in mind and it is very appreciated.
Rusty, I didn't have time to find my pictures, scan them and upload them here so I picked something similar. These are my 2 granddaughters. I purposely picked the picture of one of Jade by herself (in red) as a close up and Kaylee (in pink) a little further away to learn how to get them sized appropriatley. I also picked the one of Kaylee so I could learn how to take things away. Notice that my Mom is holding her and my husband's hand is extended in fromt of her. Her left arm is also partially covered by the table. I would like to make the picture appear that the girls had theie pictures taken together with no one else in the picture. I am also adding another picture of Kaylee with my husband holding her in a side shot to learn how to merge something like that at a different angle.
I dont know why my photos are not on my previous post. I clicked on "upload attachment", "browse", and selected the file. Then "add the file". I did this for all 3 photos but I do not see any of them in my post. Is there something else I should do?
I tried to post one of the pics again. it says my file is too big. Is there a way I can post them?
Reading your last post I noticed that you didn't go far enough to post your photos. The last part says place inline then click submit.(Place inline is below add file and above submit.) If your photos are too large,resize them. If you make the longest side 500pixels long, they should fit the constraints of the website.
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Yes, what Chas said. Or you can keep them large and upload them to Pixentral.com. Then put the last link option into your post. (Last link on the bottom of the Pixentral page that shows you your photo after it has been uploaded.)

How do I resize them? I am new to this. If someone could give me step by step instructions to resize a pic. Thanks!
This is the way I do it (there is another way involving "save for web" but I never use that):

After you finish all your edits save your image -- this is your original and you want to save a full resolution version.

Now, click Image > Resize > Image Size. This screen will open up. Check all three of the blocks in the lower left corner; your screen will look like this:
Resize-1.jpg (102.24 KiB) Viewed 740 times

Now, up in the top section, overtype to change the longest side to "500". This happens to be a square image so it doesn't matter which one you change. All of the other numbers change in proportion (that's why you wanted all three of those lower-left corner blocks checked). The screen changes to look like this:
Resixe-2.jpg (83.53 KiB) Viewed 740 times

Click OK and you are done.

Now File > Save as... This is important, you want to save as "new filename". If you don't do that you will overwrite your original, high resolution file with this new small file. This is the file you want to upload into your forum post. The longest side is 500 px or less.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness" - Dave Barry

If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough. - Robert Capa

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