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Hi, As yet I have not taken the plunge and purchased PSE 9 before I do I was womdering is there a list anywhere of compatable plugins & actions for PSE 9
I have found many online but all they ever seem to say is Photoshop.
Many Thanks
Welcome in our friendly forum !
What kind of plug-in are you interested in ? True plug-ins work generally as well in Elements as in PS, which is not the case for effects based on actions. If you have an idea of a plug-in you think can add features in PSE or do better editing, just ask, there will be someone to answer you.
I bet the general answer is you have alot of plug-ins to choose from, including free or low cost ones.
Michel B
PSE6, 11,12,13.1 - LR 5.7 Windows 7 64 - OneOne Photo Perfect Suite - Canon 20D, Pana TZ6 - Fuji X100S
Most used add-ons: Elements+

Mes Galeries
Russ welcome to the forum.
Hi, Thank you for the help and welcome. I was looking at Topaz plugins but will they work in PSE 9 on a 64 bit computer?
Nothing to techie please I am on the way to 60 :woohoo:
Thanks Again
I have found posts on another forum about Topaz plugins working with PSE9. I don't know about 64 bits computers, but anyhow, PSE9 is only a 32 bits application, so I don't see why there should be a problem if PSE9 runs ok.
Michel B
PSE6, 11,12,13.1 - LR 5.7 Windows 7 64 - OneOne Photo Perfect Suite - Canon 20D, Pana TZ6 - Fuji X100S
Most used add-ons: Elements+

Mes Galeries
I have a 64 bit pc, true PSE only recognizes 32bits and 4gb of RAM....but it runs my PSE7 just fine. I also have most of the Topaz filters, love them. Just be sure to install the 32bit. You do get both but installing the 64bit won't work with PSE.

Also not a techie (and I beat you my more than a decade :wave: ).

Most Photoshop plug-ins will work with PSE. Some do say for they are for the full Photoshop only so just watch for that.
Hi, Ok again thank you for the help but I have another question.
I found a free action from another site, so downloaded it, then looked at a site that explains how to put actions into PSE 9 Texas Chicks is the site, and it tells you that you should have a .ATN suffix and one ending in .PNG well I have ATN but no PNG so I am guessing here that I cannot use the action!!
is this correct please? And if so can you direct me to a site that I can get free actions that will work with PSE?
Most of my photographs are land or sea scape if that is any help for actions I may get.
Many Thanks Again
Right off I'm going to suggest Virtual Photographer by Optic Verve Labs. It is a plugin, free and should be helpful with landscapes/seascapes.

The Coffeeshop site has free actions---personally I don't care for most of them or can get the effect easier another way, but lots of souls like them.

PanosFx has some free actions.

Actually you can Google 'free pse actions' and will get a lot.

Can't help you with installing as it seems every version does it differently. Graffi does make an Add-O-Matic and I read that he has just completed (or almost) for PSE9. Not free, but I find mine for 7 well worth the money.

Topaz filters are great. Many presets, can find more by other users and/or make your own. Each preset can be 'tweaked' in many ways.

BTW, Russ...I tend to forget my manners---welcome! This is a great place to learn and we look forward to seeing your work.
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