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well, I work in the library of my college and we had to video tape a lecture. My boss asked me to get a couple pictures out of the video (I'm video editor, not a picture editor haha) and they are kind of blurry. I've been trying to use photoshop elements and have found numerous tutorials on how to sharpen a picture. I just can't seem to sharpen it. It usually ends up coming out worse that the original. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? thanks
Hello visionsandvoices, and welcome in our forum :cheer2:

Extracting still images from a video (for other readers : File/import/Frame from video) is possible in PSE. The problems are the limited pixel dimensions of a video frame and motion blur. Each frame is generally shot at a relatively slow shutter speed, something like 1/60th of a second.
There is not much you can do to suppress the motion blur.
Perhaps you could provide us with a sample picture to see if someone here can help you to get better results ?
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