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I have an annoying nit to pick with PSE 9. Maybe someone can help me. Whenever I open PSE 9's editor, everything comes up in the right place (ie how I left it last) except for the panel bin. Since I have 2 monitors I have my layers, effects, and adjustments windows on my smaller monitor, while I use the large monitor for the photos. But every single time I have to click on Window > Panel Bin to close it. Why doesn't PSE remember I closed it the next time I open PSE? Usually preferences like that are saved by the software, just like whereever I last moved the Unsharp mask dialog or save dialog box to is remembered the next time I open it.


I had a very annoying quirk with PSE7. Nobody here had any words of wisdom. I went to the Adobe website, poked around and found a user forum for Elements. Ver.7 was the latest at that time so I went to that sub-forum. Don't remember all the details now but recall that I had to register and login to the forum. I posed my question --- pretty much the narrative way you wrote it out in your post above.

Before the day was out somebody posted a detailed, step-by-step sequence of keystrokes that was exactly what was required to fix my problem. The problem is still there and repeats from time to time but those three or four keystrokes are an immediate solution.

This isn't at all like our forum, very geeky. The person that gave me the solution was surprised and appreciative that I bothered to post back, tell him it worked just fine and to thank him.

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