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I have a plug-in named "Paint Engine". I dropped it into the PSE in the plug-ins folder. Now, I'm wanting to use it and can't find it in the editor. Do I need to do something else besides just put it in the folder? Where can I find that in PSE 9? I'm running XP on my computer.
Hi Louise,
Was the plugin a zip file? If it was,did you unzip it first before putting it in the plugins folder? The path for installing plugins changes with different versions of Windows. I noticed this the other day doing a download.
There were two different paths,one for XP and one for Win7.
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Louise, I am using PSE 7 but I'm guessing PSE 9 is very similar.

I use Paint Engine a lot. The first time I tried to use it I remember I was scratching my head wondering where it was.
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