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First of all I have to say I love this forum. Everyone is so helpful and I really appreciate it. It makes learning so much easier when you have support!!! Thank you everyone! /my new question is how to center an image. I have one image that I took of tree bark and I have another image of a hunter that I want to place over the tree bark image. I opened the tree bark image and then drug the hunter image over top of it. I hit contrrol T to make the image of the hunter smaller so it would leave the tree bark image around the edges to act as a frame effect. But I dont know how to make sure it is exactly centered the way I want. For example, what if I wanted a one inch border all the way around. how would I do that?
Here is the method I use to get spacing. I am using PSE 8, by the way it is helpful to know what version of elements you are using, somethings are in different places in different versions.
I would open the photo of the tree bark. Then go to View on the options bar and select Guides and Grid.
Next go to Edit and select preferences, it is at the bottom of the list. From there select Guides and Grid.
In the drop down box you can choose the color of the grid, try to use a contrasting color, the spacing of the grid. For one inch select Guideline 1, Subdivisions 1 and hit ok. this will place a grid over your photo with spacing of one inch squares. Now you can drag the second photo over the first and free transform to the one inch marks. The grid will not print out on your photo and you can turn it off when you are done so you can see the final result.turn it off by going to view and click on grid.
If I can clarify for you just ask. There are always more than one way to do everything in elements and someone else may have a different idea. This is what works for me.
Tina B
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