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Is it possible to arch a text in PSE 9? I have a picture of a person standing under an archway and would like to put her name in the arch.
Unless it's all changed in PSE9 (and several things seem to be), you can put your text on an image (it will be a new layer). Then click on the Move tool and you'll get the bounding box around the text. Now, either go to Layer > Type > WarpText or right-click on the layer and choose Warp Text. Lots of options in there - not quite the same infinite control that CS gives but enough to do the job.
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Teresa, I am using PSE-7 but I'll bet the method is very similar in PSE-9.

Type out the text you want, straight line. Then, with your text active and highlighted, click on the icon on the top for warped text (the top arrow). You get a pop-up dialog box. For style, select Arc. Now you can play with the bend slider to change the shape of the arc (the bottom arrow). You should be able to make it fit the archway you are working with.
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Ah.... a third way to do it, while the Text tool is active.
PSE6 on WinXP, Pentax K10d...... and now a Canon G10.

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