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Can anyone tell me why sometimes when I add a layer mask and either paint with black or erase, sometimes a have a circle on my screen to tell where I am erasing and sometimes it is a small plus sign? When I get the plus sign, the only way I can tell where I am erasing is to turn it red. I prefer the circle. It never did this before and has just started in the past few weeks. Thanks!
Make sure your Caps Lock is off for the circle, on for the 'crosshairs'..... it's a 'toggle' and, as such, built into the program. It's the oldest oddity in the program - and baffles everybody to start with.
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That was it! Thanks so much!
Well, you learn something new everyday ... I couldn't figure out why the same thing was happening to me but it was very annoying!! Now I know, check the caps key! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
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