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This is the kid I wanted to remove the braces on. I have PSE 9. Now that I am viewing the pics, I am not even as worried about the braces as the obvious discoloration to one of his front teeth. I have tried to remove the braces and could not get it to look right. I tried to use the healing tool and remove the stain but couldnt get it to look right either. Maybe someone could give me some guidance on removing the stain. Actually, I am not even sure the stain is always on that tooth. He might have eaten something before the session and didn't brush!
I dont know why the pic didnt show. I clicked upload attachment but I dont see it. Any one know why?

Fir a stubborn stain, I would use the clone stamp tool, sample a spot on the teeth that are OK and clone over the stain. There are lots of tutorials if you are not familiar with this tool.

Simply google "photoshop clone stamp tutorial" and check out the tutorials available.
Rusty, our moderator explains how to upload an image
Rusty wrote: The first thing to do is make sure the image you intend to post is small enough in size. To put something into a post, you make sure your longest side is no more than 500px. What I usually do is, while in Elements, use Image > Resize > Image Size and change the resolution to 100 or maybe 72 and then change the Pixel Dimension of the longest side to 500 or something a bit less. With all 3 blocks down at the bottom checked, everything stays in synch. Now, save that file with a new name so you don't screw up your original image and use this only for posting.

Now, here on the Forum make a post (as you obviously know how to do) and look down just below the white space where you type and, when you reach the point in your narrative where you want to insert a picture, click "Upload attachment". You navigate on your PC to the file you just resized and saved and open the file. Here on the "forum post page" you now see the option to "add the file". You click that and, after a moment, your cursor is back up in the white space. Put your cursor onto a blank line and... just below the white space, click "place inline or make inline or something like that".

It is a lot harder to explain than it is to do. Give it a try.


this is what to look for under the text box
after the image has been added,

The file needs to remain under 256 kb.

another option for resizing the image to 500 px, would be in the 'save for web' dialogue box.

this is written for mac users, but it still might be helpful. 'save for web' is at the bottom of the page.
http://www.kenstone.net/fcp_homepage/ph ... stone.html
more links to info for 'save for web'
http://images.google.com/search?hl=en&b ... eb&spell=1
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
Another way to post an image is to use Pixentral com. (no fee, with viewing only by those on the forum who click the link.)

Just upload to Pixentral by selecting your file from your computer with the Image box near the top of the Pixentral web page. Then hit the send button. Soon, Pixentral will update with your photo.
Next, copy the url from the top of the page & post it in the white dialogue box of your forum post.

We will then be able to click on the url link to see the photo.
It will be best to keep the size to 700 - 750 px for the longest side.
Win 8.1, PS CC, Canon bridge P&S
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