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I have PSE 9. I have done some senior pictures this year for the first time. :-) The school wants all pictures on one cd with these instructions:

digital format. jpg or tiff file
640X800 pixels (minimum resolution 300)
One submission of all photos with a corresponding PSPA compliant ed including full name

Can someome help me understand.
1.) I always save my images in jpeg so that part I think I got. (Although I would like to know what if the difference between jpg and tiff. Is one better than the other?)
2.)It says 640X800. I'm not sure I understand this. Don't I need to know what size to crop it to like 4x6, 5x7 ect...? or is that what the 640x800 means? And if so, how do I do that?
3.) What in the world is a PSPA compliant ed?
I had so much fun taking and editing the pics but all these guidelines I don't understand. I have always had such wonderful guidance from many people on this site. Can someone help me to sort through this so I do not mess up someones senior picture submission? Thanks!!
This might help on the PSPA compliant? http://www.pmai.org/pspa/

Here are some links to info about print size & resolution (pixels per inch ex: 640x800 ppi) compared to something like 4x6 inches.



http://www.photoshopessentials.com/esse ... e-quality/
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Well, I didn't have a clue about PSPA -- thank you Dane. I wonder if this means they will not consider any work submitted from non-members?

Whenever you get a size requirement expressed in pixels, convert it to an aspect ratio. That will guide you to select an appropriate crop size. These are going to be very small images. Is this something intended for use in a yearbook as opposed to sale of individual copies?

800 divided by 640 = 1.25 ... that's the aspect ratio.
That is exactly the same as an 8 x 10 ( 10 / 8 = 1.25 ) so that's your crop size.

After your initial crop...
Crop Initial.jpg
Crop Initial.jpg (113.16 KiB) Viewed 3418 times

Image > Resize > Image size shows you what the file now looks like...
Crop Resize 1.jpg
Crop Resize 1.jpg (112.91 KiB) Viewed 3418 times

1. Change the resolution to 300
2. Change the longest side to 800
Voila, you have just what they are looking for...
Crop Resize 2.jpg
Crop Resize 2.jpg (118.13 KiB) Viewed 3418 times

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Thanks Rusty! That was very easy to follow. This is for yearbook photos. It says in the instructions that underclass pics must be 320x400 and seniors 640x800. (I am doing senior pics so mine are all going to be 640x800.) Then in the instructions, it goes on to show a sample image cropped to 320x400 in photoshop. The screenshot of the picture shows in the upper left hand corner "00001.jpg @ 100% (RGB/8)". Under the screenshot of the photo the instructions say "This image is RGB (8 bits per pixel is required, 16 bits is not allowed)." This sample is for the underclass pics but I am doing seniors. Do you think this means that my photos also need to be 8 bits per pixel? After I saved the pictures I clicked on properties and then details - it shows that my image size is 300dpi with a size of 640x800 but my bit depth is 24 on my photos and color representation is sRBG. Resolution unit 2. I do not know how to check the RGB or bits per pixel in photoshop. I do not understand what RGB's or bit depth is and I am running close to the deadline(September 9). If I do need to change have my photos at 8 bits per pixel, could someone explain to me how to do that? I tried to be as detailed as possible. I hope I didn't ramble too much. I like to have things done way ahead of time and don't like to press close to deadlines. I love taking and editing pics. I had no idea this part would be so complicated. :-(
Open one of you photos in PS and then go here:

ImageSize.jpg (85.39 KiB) Viewed 3358 times

Its been awhile since I've used PSE, but I think you'll find its pretty much the same in PSE. Checking the Mode Sub-Menu will show you what the current photo is at currently. If it shows the RGB Color and the 8 bits/channel ticked, you're good. Digital cameras use 3 color channels to shoot with: Red, Green, and Blue (hence RGB) and its the mixing of these 3 colors that produces our images. The bit depth you're seeing in the photo properties results from multiplying the 3 color channels X 8 bits per channel. I checked the properties on this screen shot before posting and it shows what you are seeing:

ImageProperties.jpg (95.69 KiB) Viewed 3358 times

Hope this helps!

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Thanks genevh! I love this forum. Everyone is so helpful! When I click on image, then mode I get a drop box that says "Bitmap, grayscale, index color, RGB color, 8 bits/channel, and color table. " 8 bits/chanel and color table is greyed out so I cant select them. RBG color is checked. So am I correct in thinking this image is what I need even though the 8 bits/channel is greyed out?
If it's a jpg you're looking at, I'm pretty sure you're OK. Like I said, I haven't used PSE since I got CS, so it may show that a little bit different. And it may have to do with the version of PSE you are using. CS5 has the proPhotoRGB color space, which I think is a 16 bit profile (I may be wrong about that, would have to look it up). Since I can convert my 8 bit to a 16 bit, I have both options available in mine. Not sure what PSE offers in that regards. One of the others would have to comment on that. I don't have PSE installed any more, so I can't check it and the last version I had was PSE7.

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