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I need help in toning down the glare coming from a reflective stripe on a life preserver in a photo. The camera's flash brings up the reflective strips on it and is a distraction to the real subject. I've looked and looked and can't find an appropriate tutorial that will guide me.

A google search for 'reducing glare in photoshop' yielded several interesting tutorials. However, it is difficult to suggest which one would be most helpful without viewing the problem image you refer to.
We probably would be able to post some definite tips, if you post the image.
Methods I might try are: paint out the glare; or copy good parts of the life preserver & paste over the glare: or use the clone stamp.
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Too often I'll get all wrapped up in some over complicated attempt to fix something and lose sight of "simple is usually better". I think Betty's "copy and paste" suggestion could be just what you need to do.

You could select a strip of the life preserver right next to the unwanted strip; Ctrl-J puts that selection onto a new layer and then you use the move tool to slide it over to cover the offending stripe. Ctrl-E merges it down onto the image below.

Then just keep on with adjacent selections until you have eliminated all the reflective stripes. If you don't want to totally remove them, just adjust the opacity of the covering layer before you merge it down.

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