I find this game thoroughly enjoyable. First a disclaimer: I'm not your target demographic. In my 40s, I've returned to gaming around 4 years ago after a decades long hiatus. The last time I played a one-on-one fighting game was Mortal Kombat--when it came out in the arcade. However, I find myself doing okay at For Honor after playing for only two weeks, in comparison to when I learned to play an fps. I lose more than I win; however, I've beaten some seasoned players, go 50-50 with similar experience levels, and sometimes lose the ones I should win (not an hour ago I was up 2-0 on a player I just thought I was better than and he came storming back and won three in a row. I congratulated him/her with a "Good fight!" and "Thanks!" and moved on). Basically, a noob. Just learning.

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