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I assumed the filters were used on mainly b/w...but also have found they do give an interesting effect on some colored photos...I find it interesting all the different examples on this thread! Thanks for sharing...

Here's a couple of mine: Image This one I used a b/w sepia action + chocolate filter.

Image This one was b/w action by Graffi plus the chocolate filter.

I'm never quite sure how much to lower the opacity! Critiques are welcomed! I'm still learning!
The color on the first one looks really good but you need to straighten it alittle. The other one the color is good but is very blurry to me.
Oke..these are redo's! Let me know!Image

Another one: Image
All I can say to those is this :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
where can I download the chocolate filter?

Angie, this is another one of those freebies that were only available for a limited time. You will find most freebies are only available for a day upto a month or so.

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Read through this hoping to find the 'chocolate filters' but see that it's too late.

BUT...........found a lot of interesting things on Kimi's blog. I did copy one of your tuts to try later and checked out some of the links to another blog.

You're all amazing. Thanks for being so willing to share with others.
The directions are on my blog. I give the steps to do it yourself. :biggrin:
You may have to dig for it.
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