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Hi, Rita. Welcome to the forum. Kimi posted a link to your site last week, and I've already gotten and installed your elements actions. They're great!
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Welcome in this friendly community.
I think it was Suzib who mentionned your site...
I hope to see you around and know more about you. After having a look at the tutorials I am going to try your actions.
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Rita, I am so glad to see you here. WE have met over at the flickr forums. Hope you join us often. I have most of your actions and really like them. We also have a monthly newsletter,so if there is anything you would like to add to that such as tutorials, freebies and such PM Angelickim. She is the editor in chief.
I too Love alot of the actions previously mentioned... What would I do without the mask???

Has anyone heard of the "resizer" action??? Not sure if it works in PSE...
What does the defog action do?
Also does these 2 actions work in PSE6:
paint with light

Defog action works very well in PSE.

Paint with Light - well, it works but......... all it does is give a layer with a 50% grey tone, set to Soft Color mode, which you can then paint with black or white - it's so easy to do that it hardly needs an action the action - it takes the place of four clicks with a mouse.
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Where can I download these 2 actions paint by light from?

I found the defog and love it!!

paint with light can be found at atncentral.com. The best one is paint with light..NOT paint with light 2.
I am glad that you guys have been able to use some of my actions! Sorry I have not been around, keeping up with my blog takes so much time! I do have a new Vintage action that I love http://coffeeteaphotography.blogspot.co ... pauli.html . Can I list my own actions as my favorite, or is that rude? :oops:

I also have some template actions if you check my Template menu. They not only make templates but automatically load them!
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