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Just wanted to chime in on the smart layers and filters.. These are extremely useful. I use them all the time. Smart layers are great if you want to do something that requires a mode change> instead of converting the entire file to LAB mode.. I use a smart filter and just work on the individual layer. Smart filters are great while you are in the creative zone bc you can still open them up and change the settings. So if another layer over changes the effect you can tweak the filter effects of earlier layers. Plus you can delete certain filters used and keep others as long as you have not rastuerized that layer.

The file size is large but these layers should be rasterized when you are done with them. They are not meant to stay like that per se. I think once you use them a bit you will see for yourself how helpful they are.

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Michelle, I think I need a course in this. I definitely UNDER use Elements+. Guess I could start with the help section or instructions.......... :oops:
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