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I read once that it was possible to 'steal' a normal layer with a mask by using Photomerge, without any add-on nor any use of clipping layer groups. (I am using PSE6)

Here is the workflow I found:
- Start with File/new/Photomerge panorama
- in the dialog box, chose from Files and browse
- select 2 random pictures, click OK and let the script go. Ignore the warning.

Have a look at the layers palette: you have two layers with a black mask and a white mask

Now, imagine you want to add a mask to a standard layer.

The idea is:
1- to move one of those layers under the layer lacking a mask. To do so, I suppose you have both the photomerge and your image open side by side (Window/image/tile).
The photomerge image being active, click on one of the layers in the layer palette and drag it on your own image.

2- Select the copied layer in your own image, select all (Ctrl A) and delete to have a blank layer with a mask. Deselect (Ctrl D).

3- Instead of copying the mask, what you'll do now is to insert the content of the layer lacking a mask in the blank layer with a mask. Make your own layer without a mask active, and select all (Ctrl A), copy (Ctrl C).
now, make the photomerge layer active, and use Edit/Paste into Selection (shift Ctrl V) to paste the content into the photomerge layer. You can now deactivate or delete the original layer without a mask.

I do not pretend this is the best way to add a layer mask, but it is a proof that the capacity of normal layers is at hand and wickedly hidden by Adobe. :twisted: :doh:
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Take is pretty cool, Michel. When I get my computer back to normal will give it a try.
Ohh, my head hurts from trying to follow all those steps! But I clearly understood the moral of the story - evil Adobe, holding back from us Elements users! Down with the man! :wink:

Yep, I just tried it. It sure does work.
I did my copy routine slightly different. But, however you copy the "desired image" into the "mask layer", the result is the same.

If I didn't already have a plug-in that gives me masks, I would certainly experiment to see if I liked this better than hijacking an adjustment layer or using a clipping mask.

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