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I need your help. I seem to have forgotten what I need to do when doing selective coloring. The method I always used was painting with either white or black to let the color show through. I have been having some sever senior moments lately and can not remember some of the things that I once did so easy.
Can any one help me out?
Tina B
Tina, duplicate your layer. Convert to b/w. Add a mask and paint with black on whatever you want to be colored.

Of course that is it! I am so forgetfull, I just get a mental block and then I can't remember anything. I guess when I don't work with something for a while it is easy to forget.
Oh Tina you are not in that boat alone! Cheer up you have lots of company.
Lots and lots of company in that boat. It's very frustrating when you've done something before but can't remember how.

I'm always asking Kim .... how do you do that again? I forgot!

I think it's the stress of everyday things that makes us forget so much LOL We can't be getting older can we?
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Tina, A memory lapse it is not caused by a "Senior Moment"; It is the result of "Short Term Overload", a symptom that happens to all of us who are much more active than your typical person.

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Joe I like your answer. I would like to think it is from brain overload
Tina B
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